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"He is coming..."

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requested by kikuroh

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Priceless - Zu's request +

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this is officially my favorite video on the internet

baby mitchy —-> current mitchy

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When you watch Beyonce and Les Twins


When you watch a Beyonce Performance you can’t help but to smile

You can’t help but to dance once you see her dance on stage……

When you see Laurent and Larry dance you can’t help but to……


Turn into the shyest thing in life….

Take a look to be sure it’s them………

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Dark Waters - chapter 2

The new chapter has been out for a few days now but I didn’t have time to add some color till today. Hopefully the next one is up before next update ^^ I tried to get Jose a bigger panel but he’s so ugly my hand refused to draw him so he only gets a tiny bubble, a hand and the disgusted faces of Levy, Lucy and Gajeel.

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