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(Some of the) MCU cast take on the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.

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what’s a soulmate?

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Welcome to Superfruit, the best show on the Internet! My name is Ashanti. My name is Keri Hilson. And together we’ll never be Beyoncé!

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Day 4/7 of the One Piece anniversary week.
↳Tears: One Piece characters crying.

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dominantorange said:
Your art is sooooo amazing!!! I find myself shipping Gajevy more and more because of you <3 (I ship the Big 6). Anyway, being a professional artist that you are, since there are many bluenettes in FT (Levy, Juvia, Wendy, Jellal, Bickslow, etc.), can you arrange them from lightest to darkest? It bothers me that I don't know how light or dark their hair is. XD

I answered:


Hmmm… Something like this…?

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Various awesome fanart of my One Piece ship, ZoroxNami

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